Valentine's Day by the Numbers

Valentine's Day spending is expected to reach $18.9 billion this year. With a "b".

$1.7 billion alone will be spent on candy (that sound? the collective whoosh of all of our New Year's resolutions going out the window).

What makes this holiday so special?

Maybe it's because Valentine's Day is somewhat of a test of a relationship. If you're just starting out, it's a time to test making the next move, or turning up the heat a little bit. If you're well into a relationship, it's a time to test taking the next step or getting more serious. And if you're happily married, it's a time to get creative and keep the spark alive.

Or could it be that the element of surprise is what makes us so giddy for this divisive 'holiday'? It provides us a prompt of sorts to go out on a limb, profess our love, and share our feelings. We anticipate something unexpected, romantic proposals, and flirty gestures. 

After all, men will spend an average of $150 on their sweetie, and 53% of women say they would break up with someone who doesn't get them anything at all.

Re-read that. More than half of women surveyed said they are willing to ditch a potential life mate (not just consider ditching, but actually will break up with someone) if they don't receive something that is made from chocolate and/or shaped like a heart.

Let's look at the rest of the numbers:

Over 61% of American admit to celebrating the holiday.

$13.19 Billion: Average annual Valentine’s Day spending. This year will reach $18.9 billion! That's alotta chocolate.

180 million: Number of Valentine’s Day cards exchanged annually. 85% of them are purchased by women.

196 million: Average number of roses produced for Valentine’s Day. 73% of them are bought by men.

14%: Percent of women who send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day

$116.21: Amount the average consumer spends on Valentine’s Day

11,000: Average number of children conceived on Valentine’s day

And our favorite: Over 1 in 5 people surveyed will spend an average of $5.28 - totaling $703 million - on their pets. Fido, you'll always be there for me.

Thanks to Statistics Brain and the National Retail Federation for these #'s.

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