Free Screening Tool for Singles Everywhere

Elite Daily was kind enough to explain how Love Lab helps you receive more messages on any dating app. There is no doubt that its a great way to prove yourself to others. But what we're hoping you realize is that our product is even more useful when it comes to screening the people you meet, to be sure they are who they say they are, they look like their photos, they're not lying about their age and can pass a national criminal background check with ease.



Are They Verified?

When you meet someone on a dating app you can never be sure that they 1) look like their pictures, 2) are not lying about their age or identity, and 3) can pass a background check without getting (and usually having to give) personal information such as their last name, date of birth, phone number, etc.

Not with Love Lab. The most private thing to do is simply ask them to verify themselves on their own and to tell you their Love Lab ID.

You seem like a great girl and if I'm right I'm sure you can verify yourself on Love Lab with ease. Let me know your Love Lab ID. Mine is LOVELAB. You can find me there at I look forward to seeing you.

If you want to be a bit more nonchalant you can simply look them up based on their phone number. If  they haven't verified themselves already they'll get an anonymous notification that someone checked to see if they were verified. If you tell them you checked to see if they were verified and noticed they weren't, they would put two and two together and realize the source of the anonymous invite from us.

Nowhere to Lie or Hide

Its easy to connect with anyone on Love Lab who you've initially come into contact with outside of the app first. You can either look them up or they can find you and whoever conducts the search can initiate a chat request with the person they've discovered now on Love Lab.

That person who was discovered will receive a push notification and in-app notification to let them know a chat request is pending. There is no notice given to the requester once the request has been accepted. It is up to the requested to initiate the chat.

Not only can you send and receive text messages in real time, but you can also send a photo or take a video taken with the camera in the app that will disappear when the receiver has looked at it once. This will ultimately prove that what you see online is what you'd get in person.

Be Safe Instead of Sorry

54% of online daters say they've met someone in person who "seriously misrepresented themselves online". According to the FBI, in 2016 "romance scams and confidence fraud" became the number one source of cybercrime in the US. As far as we're concerned Love Lab is like a seatbelt for your Love Life. It isn't guaranteed to save your life, but it very well could.