We're Relaunching and We're Verifying Everyone for Free

Online dating is amazing. Offline dating isn't bad either. You can meet the next love of your life on a dating app, in a bar, at a networking event, on Facebook, through a friend or like I did; on a bus. But if you've dated much at all, I'd be willing to bet you've had enough "Catfish", imposters, frauds, creeps and weirdos to last you a lifetime. 

The problem is you never really know who you're dating until you've taken a close look.

Not everyone we meet is worth our while. But its very time consuming and can be costly to research someone, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Instagram them, so you can somehow identify and even background check them if its that important to you. Most online criminal background checks cost at least $25 per person per check. They're limited in their scope and they may not even pertain to the actual individual you think it does. The process for proving someone is who they say they are, looks like their photos, isn't lying about their age and can pass a simple online criminal background check has been a painful one...until now. 



The new and improved Love Lab® will allow you to see if someone you meet is who they say they are, looks like their photo, isn't lying about their age, and can pass an online criminal background check for free. Its not perfect, but it beats the alternatives. 

Imagine this scenario. You meet someone online or in a bar. They seem cute. The conversation appears to be going well. They want to switch to text messaging so you can arrange a time to get together for a date. So they give you their phone number. You visit our website lovelab.com or open our iPhone or Android app and type it in to a search. If they've been verified you'll see to what extent and you can request to chat with them on our app by sending a Match Request. Now without them having your phone number, last name or any personally identifying information they can see that you've proved you're the person in your picture, you aren't lying about your age or identity, and presumably, you've passed an instant online criminal background check. Not enough? Trade disappearing photo and video messages to be sure that what you see is what you'll get. 

What's new?

  • We replaced Contact Codes with text message and email verification. Now you can pass Contact Proof by authenticating your mobile number and email address.
  • If you don't like the Love Lab ID we give you, now you can change it to something easier to remember. 
  • Decide if or how you want others to be able to look you up on Love Lab by changing your search settings.
  • If your background check returns any information we'll show you and only you the results. Save it. Share it. Do whatever you want. It's your information.
  • Want to spread the word and help us in authenticating dating? Anonymously invite anyone in your address book to prove themselves for free. 
  • Just checking to see if they've been verified? Use Guest Mode to look around. Invite others and search without having to verify yourself first.

If you want to help put an end to dating deception spread the word and tell everyone you know about Love Lab®.