Love Lab for Android is finally here

Hopefully, you’ve heard the good news by now: Love Lab just released the Android version of our app. 

Love Lab is not just another dating app. It's meant to complement every single dating site, service, app, and any other method of meeting someone that exists.

All users on Love Lab have a link that can be shared with anyone, anywhere, so you know your matches are who they say they are. How do we do this? Through our 5 levels of trust. Take our CEO, Steve Ward, for example. Here's how he "Leveled Up" to gain trust in his own app:

1 Social Proof (check!) Steve has connected his LL account to Facebook.

2 Photo Proof (check!) On his profile, you can see “Love Lab Photo Proof” badge that he earned by comparing his profile photo to an instant selfie. This prevents people from using photos that are too old, or look nothing like them, so you know they look just like their profile pic ;)

3 Contact Proof (check!) Steve added a friend (or a potential match) who can verify that he is the same person he says he is in his profile.

4 Identity Proof (check!) Steve knows himself very well. He was able to answer a few basic questions about himself that only he (or a close friend) would know the answers to. Good job Steve!

5 Background Proof (uh, about that…) Unfortunately, Steve has not achieved level 5. Want to know why? In his younger days Steve was quick the speed demon. Love Lab wants to protect you, so even a speeding ticket may not pass our background check - only squeaky clean backgrounds can earn our highest level of trust. If you’re anything like Steve and you fail the background check, we’ll store the results in the app for your eyes only. This way you can share your results when you meet your matches in person if this is something they were concerned about.

Well, now that you know all about Love Lab, let’s get started in the app!