Ever been surprised by the person who showed up for an online date? If so, read this.

Over 53% of people who met someone online for a date believe that someone seriously misrepresented themselves in their profile. That means over half of the millions of dollars (and hours) we've spent on dinner and a movie (or just coffee if you're like me and want something low risk for the first date) was wasted on someone that deceived them.

Whether the deception is large or small, there is no doubt it is pervasive. Over 80% of online daters admit to lying in their profiles about their looks, whether height, weight or age. That's not even getting into those that lie about jobs and cars. 

And what's the point of embellishing? Do catfishers honestly think their sparkling personality will make up for the fact that they make 20% less money, weigh 10 pounds more, and are 3 inches shorter than they said they were? Compounded by the fact that they showed up in an old Honda instead of a Ferrari, and with a questionably stable hairline, this experience only solidifies the feeling that you just got duped.

It's not about whether the person is a supermodel or not. It's about lying. And they aren't even big lies... they're closer to embellishments. But the fact that it occurred at all means you could have a reason to question their honesty in the future. These same studies have also shown that online daters prefer their matches to be honest rather than embellish.

So if you are like the rest of us and prefer the truth, how can you be sure the person you are meeting is who they say they are?

Easy: Use Love Lab.

Let's be clear here. Love Lab is not trying to reinvent the algorithm. We're not going to make you answer 1000 questions about whether you'd consider eating a dish made from dog meat, or whether you'd prefer a lifetime supply of your favorite snack versus a 30-minute orgasm (um why can't we have both? This is 2015 for pete's sake!). Or our favorite, the simple yet effective: "Hippies?" Yes, those are real questions from a real dating site.

Love Lab is here for one reason: so you can trust your matches. Met someone attractive and sassy on Tinder who didn't immediately open the conversation with their hourly rates? Fantastic! Ask them to meet you on Love Lab to verify their identity. 

Think of Love Lab as your best friend who is good at Facebook stalking. All you have to do is say to your potential match, "Meet me on Love Lab with my code, LOVELAB." Then your match goes through our 5 Trust Levels, including comparing a selfie to a profile photo to prove their photo is recent and accurate. The 5th and highest level is a background check. By the time you meet them at the bar, you'll be confident that they are who they say they are.

So what are you waiting for? Download Love Lab and start verifying your dates!

Plus, until March 15th we're rewarding our early users with gift cards to help fund the dates you verify through Love Lab. Love and money? Yes, please.