Tinder Ditches Moments

Last month Tinder suddenly and subtly discontinued Moments. They also removed the “Last Active” feature that showed the last time a user was on the app. Wondering why?


Tinder was the first dating app to offer ephemeral messaging. For those of you who aren't hip to tech talk, "ephemeral" means disappearing...like Snapchat. People were able to post photos that only their matches were able to see. These photos couldn't be sent individually. They had to be shared with all of their matches at once. 

At first, I thought this had to be a move to prevent, or at least stymie some of the more explicit stuff (dick pics) that people would post. 

Life on Tinder became so perverse and so unsavory that it was single handedly credited for bringing about the "Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse" by Nancy Jo Sales in her infamous Vanity Fair article

There are countless Instagram accounts such as "Tinder Nightmares", "Tinder Fails" and "Tinder Creeps" dedicated to the travesties of Tinder. It appears that women experience a catharsis through sharing their horror stories.

It would seem that Tinder realized they could never escape the label of being the quintessential "hookup app" if they didn't do away with this feature. At the end of the day, if people wanted to sext each other they should feel free to do so. With the anonymity and exclusivity that Love Lab offers you can feel comfortable sending someone a photo or video of whatever you want, and if you or they send something you or they didn't want or ask to see just "unmatch" and you or they will never be able to reach the other again.

Last Active

As a matchmaker and coach I'm always helping my clients deal with the anxiety they experience when knowing that the person they're dating is "active" on dating sites. Tinder originally offered up this information just like its parent company, Match.com does to let users know when the person they matched up with, or may match up with, was last on the app. 

So why would Tinder remove "last active"? Two reasons. First, they realized that in order to increase usage and overall activity on the app they must find a way to encourage the users who are already seeing someone exclusively or already in a relationship to go on the app. To do that they had to hide their last activity to others. Secondly, other apps like Bumble (which was started by a disgruntled Tinder co-founder who happened to be the only female co-founder) suggest the most popular profiles on their app first and foremost. Most of these users aren't even active and people knew that, they would stop using an app. In a classic case of monkey see, monkey do, Tinder realized that its in their best interest to promote the most popular profiles regardless of when they were last active. 

No matter which app, site, or service you use to meet people if you want to be sure they are a real person, who looks like their photo, is not lying about their age and can pass a criminal background check use Love Lab. Its free.